Hello, my name is Sam Pedro.

(yes, the one who used to run the cactus site!)

My journey into art glass began back in 1995 when I started making glass animals out of soft glass, I did this for a year or so and then had a slight pause from the hobby for about 20 years.
I am now based in Suffolk UK
As a child I used to love visiting Caithness Glass. I’m also a bit of a  pyromaniac by nature…
I was asked if I could make a glass pipe for a friend and the whole thing seems to have snowballed from that.
This way I get to combine my love of fire with my interest in plumbing.
I also make funerary and memorial glass, i.e. making wearable jewellery & other keepsakes to include the ashes of cremated loved ones, both people & pets. Please contact me to chat about your requirements or ideas.
I take a keen interest in the art and culture element of Lampworking along with the danger aspect. There is also a friendly community of glass artists on social media who share tips and techniques making this art form very interesting and varied.

Art glass and lampworking are having a resurgence in the U.K and with the addition of social media has become a great hobby for people to get into. There are several great suppliers on the web that can provide the correct tools and materials to allow lampworkers to bring you great colours and effects in the glass art that they make
Feel free to check out our social media feeds and also my photo gallery section which will be updated periodically with my latest work.
Please contact me if you like anything you see or if you have any questions or requests.
Please enjoy viewing my glass art throughout this site and don’t forget to visit the gift shop on the way out!
Thank you for your time,
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Glass Blowing Suffolk, UK Glass Art, The Glass Boat, Peyote.

The Borofest Phoenix

(thanks to Zac Everett photography)

All original Artwork by Ciaran Shaman